Time to bust the SEO Myths

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SEO is an integral part of the digital world and optimizes the web pages in order to make them reach a higher rank in Google search results. Over the year, it was observed that a number of myths started hovering around the practice of Search Engine Optimization.

To put an end to these myths and give a clarity to the web developers, Google launched a video series on YouTube, which was hosted by none other than, Martin Splitt.

Here are the key pointers of each episode:

Affordable and effective SEO Services


SMART SEO – Helping Businesses Harness The Full Power Of SEO

Businesses seeking better ROI from their SEO campaigns are increasingly adapting the concept of SMART SEO. Even though many people believe it to be a new concept, SMART is in fact an acronym used to collectively define key SEO goals. The acronym stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely, each of which plays a critical role in ensuring the success of the optimization campaign devised by professional San Francisco SEO services providers. The significance of each of these goals is discussed in brief as follows.

Specific Goals : Having specific SEO goals is essential for implementing as well as measuring the progress of any SEO strategy. It is also a good idea to break down large and complex SEO goals in to simpler and more specific goals.

Measurable Goals : Having measurable goals makes it easier for the professionals from Chicago SEO company to understand what works for a business and what does not. It also helps them to improve their SEO strategies for getting better results in a relatively lesser time.

SMART SEO – Helping Businesses Harness The Full Power Of SEO

Achievable Goals : It is essential for the SEO professionals to ensure that the business has the resources necessary to achieve the goals. In addition they should also have a clear understanding about how these will impact their overall growth and productivity.

Realistic Goals : The goals established by Nashville SEO services providers should be based on the existing health and resources of their client business. This helps in preventing unnecessary frustration besides avoiding failure to achieve the desired results.

Timely Goals : It is important to set a time limit for the fulfilment of SEO objectives. Having a time limit also helps the SEO professionals to stay focused and motivated.

What To Do If You Are Losing Organic Traffic To Google SERP Features?

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Traffic number drops due to 4 main reasons – a drop in rankings, fewer keywords, a decrease in search volume, or SERP features and/or advertising are depressing your CTRs. As one of the best SEO Company in New York who has been dealing with San Francisco SEO servicesMiami Seo Service and Philadelphia Seo Services, has a few tricks which you can use to deal with this problem. This would be primarily based on the industry you are catering to. Keeping the industry in mind, you must have some rough idea of all the features you are most vulnerable to. Make a list of that. Using this initial hunch, start to dig deeper and run sanity checks by spot-checking the SERPs for a couple of the keywords. Do this for both mobile and desktop.

What To Do If You Are Losing Organic Traffic To Google SERP Features?

How To Drive More Links To Your Website


Having other websites link aimed at your website, especially ones with a high Domain Authority will help you to rank higher in search engines for your selected keywords. This means that people who are searching for that keyword and key phrase are more likely to discover your website and online courses. Earning high-quality backlinks can sometimes be complicated, but you can locate link-building possibilities by using the right sources and methods. Lastly, remember that keeping your backlinks is as essential as developing them. So, keep track of the backlinks your site is getting. So you’ve done some market and keyword and key phrase research and you have an idea of the search phrases that you want your course to rank for. You might have even published some blog articles focusing on your top search phrases, but you’re still having difficulties to get your site to position searching look for engines.

How To Drive More Links To Your Website

Qualities Of A Good SEO Firm : Things To Know

You think you have been given the most trying of your life – choosing the best seo services New York to provide various on-page and off-page optimization services to your business. There is the internet today to help you ease your work. You open your PC or laptop, type appropriate keywords and words on Search engines to get the list of a multitude of organizations appealing to offer the best SEO services. You arbitrarily pick up a few companies and start contacting them up to collect necessary details about each one. But, as you get in touch with the customer care team, you get tired must the same things over and again.

qualities of a good seo firm - things to know

Chicago seo company that ranks number 1 in a particular geographical area does not mean it does great work. You will find many SEO firms enjoying a higher ranking on Google, but when it comes to quality work they are not better than those organizations in the second website of Search engines. Then, why they come on first page? The answer depends on having reasonable content on the site, having used the right set of keywords, and having excellent quality backlinks. Search engines will pay a lot of significance on these factors when identifying position. So, while searching for the best Nashville seo company or beyond, try to figure out the marketing tricks and techniques of an organization that keeps them going strong for years.

Qualities Of A Good SEO Firm : Things To Know

Best SEO New York And Its Benefits


SEO as a tool is not hidden to all. It has a lot of importance in the world wide web and can get you great numbers in your business. All you need to know is the correct way to use it. However, the different uses are not easily possible unless you are a professional at work. The best SEO New York can be a keyword for you to find the companies that deal in SEO work. Let us know a little gist about SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimization which means that your company website would be seen in the top results of the surfer when they search something that you are linked to. For this, you would have to choose the right keywords that any surfer would type in the search engine. This optimization of keywords is the task of SEO falls church VA and people who know much about it. The flashy links appearing on most of the websites, and when you click on them, you are routed to a landing page; such is the offsite optimization. You would get links and ads for all the things you have been or are searching for. Nashville SEO Company specializes in such flashy advertisements and increases your visitor’s figures. Chicago SEO Company is also a stepping stone for a new company that wishes to optimize the SEO.

Best SEO New York And Its Benefits

Link Building Tool Roundup : Site Crawlers

While linking tactics differ, each depends on a sole point to be successful: you need lots of links from quality websites in order to rank well and sole point. This signifies that a big part of the link building process is finding the best websites to demand links from and being informed when new possibilities present themselves. You can’t go after a site or watch a source if you don’t know about it. Search engines alone don’t always provide the information or leads, we need to find the best link partners, and that’s where using good tools can help.


Tools help in the research phase of link building but it does not recommend them much beyond that. In building link directories some of the commercial applications offer e-mail layouts for mass mailings or assistance, but it’s best to prevent those types of methods. Automated form-filling tools like RoboForm are a particular plus and very useful in methods such as directory submissions, but the e-mail design thing…not so much.

Link Building Tool Roundup : Site Crawlers