Webmaster Video Series In Hindi – Yet Another Initiative By Google To Enhance User Experience

Webmaster Video Series In Hindi – Yet Another Initiative By Google To Enhance User Experience

This initiative by Google will go a long way in enhancing the reach and usability of Google resources amongst the Hindi speaking masses in India. It will enable them to get solutions to their queries in a language of their choice, minimizing any chances of information getting lost or misinterpreted in the translation process.  Given that the information will be provided in video format, it is also likely to prove more effective and easy to comprehend than any written text. This will in turn make it possible for the SEO professionals and website owners to use the information more efficiently for improving their websites and ensuring better visibility and ranking across search engine results.

Webmaster Video Series In Hindi — Yet Another Initiative By Google To Enhance User Experience


Supercharging Your SEO With AI: Insights, Automation And Personalization

Being a professional in today’s business community means being able to stay on top of technological advances that seem to modify factors every other moment. First came the internet, followed by company websites, with social networking not that far behind. In the previous years or so, marketers who might have believed an SEO was a new product of the vehicle is familiar with to use it as if were always second nature. Consequently, the best marketers have been able to shield their organizations against the winds of technological change and guide them to a comfortable place where the clients they need always find them.

Supercharging Your SEO With AI: Insights, Automation And Personalization

Google Has Released A Beta Version Of The Search Console

Google Has Released A Beta Version Of The Search Console

It lets you analyse and filter by web, image or video search results and segment by query, page, and country or device type. Google indicates this data will also soon be available via the Search Console API. Google has attributed the reasons for making all these reports free to all is the quicker resolution of issues, better user interface, better two-way communication between Google and website owners. Clicking on any error URL will bring up links to diagnostics tools, as well as a way to resubmit the URL for indexing. The data can also be exported for deeper analysis. Google notes that this report “works best for sites that submit sitemap files.”

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Know The Tips to Improve SEO KPIs

Know The Tips to Improve SEO KPIs

If we have a close look, SEO and product managers have quite the same role. If they work in unity, most difficult tasks of a company can be sorted in the wink of an eye. As an SEO or a product manager, be goal oriented and bring about visible changes to your clients than sending reports that only fill pages and make clients confused. Think like a product manager and an SEO and drive the business.

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Work SEO Professionals Should Do Consistently

SEO Professionals NY

The one thing you can do as a SEO expert is that make the clients own their assets and properties related to the digital market. Since we encounter many agencies to go out of business overnight and get their clients stranded in the middle of nowhere, the data and other assets go for a toss. It is a responsibility that people have with SEO experts and they should have all such qualities.

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With Longer Search Snippets, What Should Be The Fundamentals of Writing Meta Description?

Fundamentals of Writing Meta Description

Therefore, changing your descriptions or making them longer might not help you improve your site’s ranking. However, it can affect how users would view your site in the search results which can directly affect your click-through rate. From that, standpoint alone you might want to elongate your meta description in order to more thorough with the user and convince them to visit your website.  So, with longer snippets, there doesn’t have to be any major overhaul in your SEO strategy. The only thing you need to understand is that how the snippets in Google search results are actually created. According to John Mueller from Google, for snippets they try to focus on the meta descriptions that a website provides but if they need more information or context as per the user’s query, they can take some parts directly from the page as well.


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SEO – The Use of Data Appropriately

SEO The Use of Data Appropriately

There are many implications that can be a cause of concern for people who rely on SEO data. This is because anything that is available in abundance is of least importance. This has been the case with SEO as almost each search professional tries to engage as much possible and gain the potential they foresee. Therefore, we end up complicating the process as we bury ourselves into excess data and get confused about the results that should actually be.

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