How Content Development Company Creates Content That Audience Trust?

More than a 27 million content pieces are shared on the web on a daily basis, thus adding to the pressure that the creative content developer has to face in order to keep the content within the traction frame of the readers. The readers usually read and share the content that they trust. If the content raises doubt on the part of the readers, the chances of them coming back to the website seem to be almost nil. We tell you the essential strategies which one must incorporate in the article writing to weave the thread of trust between the reader and the content. Read further:

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  • Add images and visuals

The posts that comprise of images gets as much as 95% more views and 63% higher engagement in comparison to the contents that comes without images and visuals. Using featured image at the starting of the content with catchy images in between the text creates a positive psychological impact on the readers and keeps them glued to the content.

  • Links to outside resources

The thumb rule of content management is to use the links in the content of the relevant resources which adds to the trust and effectiveness of the content. However, one should not stress upon using a large number of links in the content, but only credible links should be used.

  • Add statistics

Most of the content management firms believe that adding data and statistics to the content augments the value, trust and authority of the content. The content development company tags the data-driven contents as the high-quality ones. For writing posts driven by data, you can indulge in your own research or optimally utilise the market trends.

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  • Avoid grammar and spelling errors

This is a sin if you are committing the grammatical errors or writing spellings incorrectly. Poor grammar is capable of warding off as much as 60% of the visitors from the website. Such errors connote that the content is written in a rushy manner and the writer has not given a deep thought and enough time to the content. You can make use of various apps and tools available online to check the grammar and spelling issues of the content and keep them at bay or may consider hiring an editor.

  • Conversational tone

The readership may increase by 250% if the tone of the content is conversational. Using ‘You’ and ‘I’ in the content gives a personalised touch to the content and gives a feeling that you are writing directly for them. The paragraphs should be kept short with 5-6 lines to create a conversation or an internal dialogue in the content.

E-commerce Website Design Is Soaring And It Does Make More Sense

Website designing has become one of the most important strategies that is creating good traffic and improving the revenue of a company. If you haven’t done it yet, you should consider this as soon as possible so that you earn the laurels of success in a short span of time. With E-Commerce trending and being followed by many customers, e-commerce website design is given a new dimension. Know the secret behind the trend.

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Everything about E-commerce website trends

  • The First impression is the last impression: Do you want people to make your website famous, change the design to something attractive. It will make a huge impact. A beautiful website with everything easily accessible is a website people like to visit more often.
  • PHP Web Development: This is a necessity for many e-commerce companies to make your websites look cooler than ever. Many agencies have the expertise in adapting with this template of web designing and Aliveom is one of them excelling at the result.
  • Well-optimized means more attractive: Without a tool that helps an agency perfect the view of a website either through browser or phone, the website design will be incomplete. It works like the garnishing that adds beauty to the website. People have shown a trend of using mobile apps of those websites that are easy to browse through and every tab makes sense.
  • Healthy competition: With so many e-commerce sites coming up, you need to be on top of the game by presenting to the world a website that is better than the rest. Ensure to use all the latest technology in being the best. Aliveom has helped many companies reach the ladder of success.

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With so much to get from a well-optimized website, how can one be far from making it the best game changer in the competition? A website that looks nice and optimized is preferred more than websites that are optimized in a poor manner.

There are many e-commerce website designers in the market. They can be of immense help through their expertise in SEO and latest tools for use. Get in touch with them and win the race that many have been struggling to.

E-commerce has been gaining more importance that any other services, so a website that gives more information and ease of use to customers can fetch more customers in the long run.

Guidelines To Choose The Most Efficient Yet Affordable SEO Services Providers

Much has been said and written about the importance of choosing the “right” SEO service providers for enhancing business profitability and growth in the online market. However, the word “right” has often been used to symbolize companies offering expensive services despite the fact that they generally use the same tools and strategies as any other service providers in the niche. In fact, a conscious effort has been made to underrate and even write off the affordable SEO services as ineffective and damaging for an online venture. Thankfully, entrepreneurs today are well aware of the fact that rather than the pricing of the SEO services New York, it is the manner in which they are designed and implemented for a specific business that defines their level of success or failure.

Discussed below are some helpful guidelines that can help small and medium business owners choose the most efficient yet affordable SEO service providers for their venture.

  • Choose Companies That Offer Customized Services: Most professional SEO service providers offer the option of customization for their clients based on their specific business needs and budget limitations. They make it possible for the clients to get the benefit of the most essential SEO tools and strategies that can help their business to establish a strong base in the virtual market. The as the business expands, the SEO providers increase the scope of their services, which can then be afforded by the client organization.
  • Prefer Experience Over Diversity: SEO is an umbrella term used to define diverse set of tools and strategies that help in enhancing the visibility and ranking of a client website. However, in case of organizations that cannot afford to use the complete gamut of services, it is better to choose professionals having an extensive experience over ones who are expert in the use of diverse tools. This can help the organizations get almost equally effective results without having to invest money in various different SEO solutions.
  • Opt For A Combined Package: It is important for the entrepreneurs to understand that getting the best results from any SEO solution is dependent on a variety of factors. These primarily include the design and user-friendliness of the website, the quality of content and integration with social media channels etc. While there are countless companies that offer all these various services on an individualistic basis, choosing a single service provider capable of handling all these aspects ensures that the SEO services are not only more effective but also quite affordable.
  • Quality Matters The Most:  Finally, business owners seeking affordable and result oriented SEO services need to understand that there is no alternative to quality. If any aspect of their business website lacks in quality or they opt to rely on shortcut SEO solutions that are cheap but come with no assurance of desired results, their investment will surely be wasted. In fact, any good professional SEO service will insist on first improving the quality of the website and second on using only the most reliable SEO tools. It is the combination of these two factors that will ensure timely results in terms of improved visibility and enhanced website traffic.

Why SEO Is Needed For Your Company?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become the most significant thing today that each and every webmaster needs to be a pro at it. SEO is basically a set of guidelines that must be followed by a website in order to optimize the websites for search engines with the aim of improving the search engine rankings. Over the period of time, SEO has moved from just being a mere tactic for marketing to a great play of branding.

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Here is a list of reasons why your company needs SEO:

  • Organic Traffic

Firstly, the SEO technique when employed can bring a higher positioning for your website as well as organic traffic to you. SEO makes the website user friendly, thus getting organic traffic becomes much easier. For investment firms located in Falls Church, the SEO practice not only improves the search engine rankings, but also enhances the experience of the user by improving the usability of the website.

  • SEO is an Investment

We always believe in making investment to get a high return. By using an amalgamation of SEO and Web Analytics, one can gain an understanding about the conversion rates of the different keywords. By making the use of the right keywords, one can lift up the Google rankings of the website. Thus, a massive return can be achieved by making a modest of the investment in SEO.  

  • SEO has a Long Time to Go

By looking at the way in which the search engines are developing, there are less chances that SEO will become ineffective any time soon. Thus, the technique has a foreseeable future. The success of the SEO  technique can be understood from the fact that even video and audio searches now depend upon text contents where keywords play a robust role.

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  • Social Promotion

These days social media have become one of the essential platforms for promotion of websites. Thus, when an individual finds your website on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc., there is a greater chance of them promoting it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.

  • SEO is an Essential Part of the Marketing Mix

SEO is an umbrella solution for pulling the prospects and boosts conversions; this is a reason SEO is considered as a significant part of the marketing mix. However, SEO alone cannot work in your marketing mix. It needs to be blended with branding, social media and other significant marketing strategies. The trick here is to intelligently integrate the techniques of SEO into your marketing mix. In cities like Virgina, SEO melted in marketing mix can create wonders.

  • Cost Effective

In comparison to the costs of other forms of online marketing, namely, social media marketing, PPC, email marketing, the SEO seems to be the cost effective option. SEO always acts as a bedrock for creating the online presence of the website. Thus, investing in SEO is always a good option for getting the enhanced Return on Investment.

  • Ahead of Competition

SEO is a factor that can put you ahead of competition. If two websites are dealing in the same genre of business, the website which is employing the techniques of SEO is likely to gain more customers and make more sales.

Why Google Organic Search Is Important For Your Online Business?

The major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing  these days give preference to the Google organic search in comparison to the pay per click advertisements. This is one of the major reasons for big organizations turning towards SEO in Fairfax VA. The organic search engine optimization is considered as the best method for listing the website in the search engines. The higher the rank the website gains on the search engine, the higher is the probability of the website being visited by the people from different walks of life. The SEO in Virginia is considered as one of the important components of the Internet marketing tools. In this post, let’s have a look at the reasons that make the Google organic search important for the online business:

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  • It Offers a Great Return on Investment

The cost of the Google organic search is very less in comparison to the other online marketing tools, but the results of SEO are no less than astonishing. This is the reason a great return on investment is always associated with organic search. The only silver lining here is that SEO takes its own time combined with the efforts of the owners of the organisation to create something worthwhile. According to a research, a $1 invested in SEO brings a revenue of $5.

  • Depending Solely on Social Media is not Prudent

It is fact that you certainly can never control the way in which social media elements such as Facebook will display the information about your online business in its news feed. Facebook has started giving more importance to the paid posts in their feeds. So, there is a greater chance of your posts being totally vanished from the news feed. So, it is better to go for google organic search to be sure of the fact that your online business has a back up of organic results in addition to the social results.

  • Target Those Who Look For You

SEO gives you an opportunity to scientifically target those set of customers who are already looking for a business like yours. While with other marketing tools, you send the message to a large spectrum of people and those who are looking for business offered by you will revert back. Thus, the name of your online business will be flashed if the visitor type the keyword related to your business.

  • Saves the Business Owner for Additional Chunk of Expenditure

The organic search usually saves the owners of the online business from making additional expenditure on the marketing tools such as Pay per click (PPC). The renowned search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, ranks a website on their listings based on the relevance factor of the website, the quality of content and the website’s synchronization with the SEO guidelines. The PPC advertising, on the other hand, forces the business to spend extra apart from making the investment in the website.

  • High Bounce Rate

The organic search makes the SEO team work constantly on the website with the aim to improve the visitor experience. The bounce rate is high when the website shows up in the organic results.

Google Finally Plans Fix The Problem Of Businesses Being Marked As “Permanently Closed”

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For the past several years business owners have been facing the issue of their listing being reported as “Permanently Closed”. This problem is more with ventures that have relocated to a new address and rather than directing the visitors to the new address, the old business website often displays the “Permanently Closed” label. Google has long before accepted the fact that this issue is posing a serious problem for business owners and has even apologized for the same while promising to fix it. However, not much was done by the technology giant to rectify the problem until quite recently.

How This Status Affects Businesses

In the modern times, internet has become the preferred shopping destination for most people, as it is not only a lot more convenient but also helps save time. So when an online shopper visits a website that is labeled as permanently closed, he/she is most likely to move on the next best website offering similar products. In addition people have also claimed that, since it is extremely easy to mark the business with this specific label in Google Places, it is quite common for competing websites to use this tool to divert traffic from a more popular site. Most importantly it affects the goodwill and brand value of the business as clients find it hard to trust an organization that shuts down all of a sudden for no apparent reason.

All the while, the businesses in question generally have absolutely no idea about why their client traffic is suddenly ebbing. This is because Google does not send any notification to the business about the status of their old website. In view of the these facts, it is quite obvious that having a “Permanently Closed” status displayed at the old website address can cost a business drearily, which is why most online ventures are quite vary of this problem cropping up in case they shift their website.

Resolving The Issue

Even though Google has taken a long time to respond to this issue, it has been working towards finding a solution to this problem for the past several months. In fact a majority of business owners are unaware of the fact that there a feature in Google Maps, named, “Moved”, which helps in resolving this problem in an effective manner. Another method of solving the problem is for the businesses to get their new address verified in Google My Business listings and request for the old location to be marked as moved.

Getting the old listing marked as moves ensures that it does not appear in Google search or Google Maps. Moreover, Google updates the old location URL on Google Maps to a “302 HTTP status code”, which automatically redirects the users to the new address. When the old address is marked as “Moved”, the reviews from the site are automatically transferred to the new address to ensure that no data is lost.

Currently, Google is trying to make it possible for business owners to perform all these actions by editing their business status on Google Maps.  As of now the business owners need to contact the Google My Business support for any changes.