Benefits Of Ecommerce Website Design

Benefits Of Ecommerce Website Design

An excellent Ecommerce Website Design Los Angeles has to make sure all of the important and necessary elements stated above are integrated into the site. The e-commerce website also has to have a comprehensive product website that details all the items that are provided. Products have to be displayed in a way that is both appealing and informative. The design must also convey a sense of professionalism so that guests feel secure in purchasing items from your website. The checkout page has to make sure top-notch security and privacy.

Benefits Of Ecommerce Website Design


Find out Which Logo Design Style is Right for you

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” – Will Rogers

The logo of your company represents its mission, core values and capabilities. It is an act of making an impression on the minds of customer instigating them to purchase the company’s products. Choosing a logo that suits the need of your company is very important. Many companies hire professionals for Logo Design Services.

Virginia, being the hub of growing businesses has a lot of Logo Design Service providers. Logo design styles are of 5 types. Here is an explanation of each type with some tips on how you can choose your logo.



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In the recent study of logos , 37% logos of top 100 brands in the world consists only of text stylized in a unique font.

These types of logos work amazingly well when the name of company is unique , simple and easy to remember. The big names like Yahoo, Google and Pinterest have used simple fonts as your logo.

Your take: If you are a small company who are getting their feet off the ground, this kind can be a perfect choice. It is not a bad idea to use your name when you want people to know about you.



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This type is all about simplicity. Similar to wordmarks, but only highlight the initials of the company. Examples in this category are big names like IBM, CNN and EA. Lettermarks are a good way to provide an indication of your brand’s name in a small space.

Your take: Have a difficult and lengthy name? This kind of logo is for you. It is appealing and easy to remember.

BRANDMARK (Symbol or Icon)

A picture speaks louder than words. It is a perfect way to represent your company’s ideology without using words or letters. It can be a perfect choice if the name of your company is long and does not fit in the abbreviation form. However, it can be a risky move as it is only a symbol and the person looking at it won’t know what is the name of your company. Out of top 100 brands, only 6% has brandmark logos.

Your Take: If you are a company willing to go global or is already global, this can be a perfect choice. As language won’t be a barrier and everyone would be able to relate to it.

COMBINATION MARK (Text and Symbol)


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56% of top 100 brands is this type. I guess nothing much to say after that. It is the best of both and hence becomes the popular choice of the companies. You are using your company’s name along with the symbol representing the company’s ideology. This type is complex and hence more thought, effort and time in designing but once done can be one of its kind.

Your Take: Whatever kind you are, small, big or a startup, you can go for this type if you have the vision of what exactly you would want it to represent.

EMBLEM (Text Inside Symbol)


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It involves placing text inside of a symbol so these two are inseparable. These logos resemble a badge or a seal. Starbucks, Harley Davidson are some of the popular brands. It is the compact packaging of the name inside the symbol or vice versa.

Your Take: If the name of your company is very long, you need to think it through before choosing this type as fitting the whole text could be a tedious task.