Meaning Of Visual Search Development SEO Perspective

Meaning Of Visual Search Development SEO Perspective

Adding this feature to your website can take your website to an advantageous position. Visual search engine will add that optimization for enhanced user-friendliness. What else does a user want? SEO as well as SEM world can undergo disruption with the coming of this impeccably easy search engine. The strategies for digital marketing is about to go a drastic change and to know more, continue reading this. The IT Giant, Microsoft is even planning to merge the idea of selecting the area on an image and adding that to shopping intent. This will also help consumers get instances of related products for a better choice.

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Using Google’s My Business To Optimise And Increase Your Business

Using Google’s My Business To Optimise And Increase Your Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool from Google that helps business owners manage their online presence across the search engine and its growing portfolio of utilities — offers the greatest impact for brands seeking local exposure.  This tool is available as a desktop version and also as a mobile app. Thus Google My Business app provides you all the possible methods and advantages to increase the visibility of your business and also communicate what exactly it does to a set of people who are searching for it. Use all these methods and multiply your business and profits.

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Facts About Rich Results On SEO Search

Facts About Rich Results On SEO Search

There are a few guidelines that are followed when you upload your data on Google and the content may not qualify on these guidelines. So always find the features that abide by the guidelines of Google. This is better known by the SEO experts and the developers of the websites. This is the base of any new model and for the old ones that need an update. So now you know what to look for in a rich result content and may be take some notes from the ones that are already tagged as rich results.

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Google’s Take On The Edge Cases Of The Content Theft

Google_s Take On The Edge Cases Of The Content Theft

This problem prevails for a long time now and despite of Google’s best efforts, web publishers are still reporting a negative impact of stolen content on their original website. For a long time now, duplicate articles or stolen content have become a source of stress for the web publishers. Whether they have any negative impact on their website or not is a big question that needs to be answered. Although, Google has a lot of checks in place for denouncing duplicate or stolen content but there are still certain cases that cannot be determined and are potentially posing a negative impact on the search ranking of the original content. With a confirmation from John Mueller, there is definitely a caution for the web publishers to keep the content thieves in check and protect their website.

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Landing Pages For SEO Websites

Landing Pages For SEO Websites

Websites help the companies to market their products and services well. But for companies that have multiple cities to cover goof up on the links with a few changes here and there to rank the best in the race to the top. But this is not recommended as it would get you lower than your current position. There are many tricks and tips that should be followed by the developers and SEO experts to make sure that the landing page is the best for each user. Your business can flourish well if this is done in a legit and marketable manner.


Mid-December Search Ranking Algorithm Updates – An Interesting Case Study

Mid-December Search Ranking Algorithm Updates

The second expert who was contacted was Search metrics. The Founder and CTO Marcus Tober said “At first we saw some changes that at first look looked like typical Panda and Phantom symptoms, but not on a large systematic scale. Many sites have lost visibility that have no integration, but we can’t determine based on such a short time what are the overall systematic changes.” He further added that he would like to run a deeper analysis on what looks like a big lesson to learn for future SEO tasks. So the best thing in such scenario is to keep a close tab on the all the updates and announcements by Google at the same time noticing what impact it is having on your ranking.

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The Lighthouse Chrome Extension Now Comes Up With An SEO Audit Category

The Lighthouse Chrome Extension Now Comes Up With An SEO Audit Category

The Lighthouse chrome extension is a free tool that audits websites on various categories such as accessibility, performance etc. Not only it scores the website on various parameters but also lists down various suggestions in order to improve the web page’s quality. It is a great tool to learn and improve your website from best practices and  relevant solutions suggested by Lighthouse which would not only improve the quality of the current web page but can also be used as lessons for other web pages in future.  The new audit option would let the SEO experts and webmasters perform a basic check in to make sure the page is optimised for the SEO RANKINGS. This tool can prove to be an effective means of SEO if done on a regular interval. The check would be run on 10 factors as of now which are as follows: