How To Use Pay Per Click For Startups In An Effective Manner

PPC Marketing

Every year, huge amount of startups fail due to lack of effective marketing, poor product planning lack of organisation, etc. Of all the reasons, one that stands out in my view is marketing. It is also called Hubris:

“All too many entrepreneurs believe that “if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door.”

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Unfortunately, this is not the case in the real world. Although it is not the only solution, but in a growing industrial hub like Virginia, Google Adwords or PPC Marketing can be a great channel for startups to spread the word about their new product and have a shot at success. Here are five reasons start ups should be utilizing Pay per click.

  1. Provide the Solution Everyone is looking for

Search advertising is all about providing a solution to the specific queries asked by people. People tend to turn to a search engine more specifically when they’re not sure what they need. A bright possibility, as a start up, is that your product is the solution to their problem. But as you are a new person in the market, they can’t search for you. They can only search for potential substitutes.

Startups can use PPC Marketing and Google AdWords to be the answer to that query. Analyse what solutions your target market would be searching for. Guess what, this is a start of your first keyword list too. PPC is a great channel for getting your solution introduced to the market.

  1. Quick Results

SEO though really effective, they take time before they start to show results. With PPC, it is easy to catch the eyes, no matter how competitive the keyword is. You can then analyze your performance by studying the data in any way possible. So if you get demotivated easily and need numbers on the chart from time to time, PPC is a good fit for you.

  1. Flexible Budgets

Start ups typically live on the edge when it comes to money. PPC is very flexible and hence is the best option in the beginning. You can have a  budget as small as $1/day, or as big as the big marketing campaigns run by big brands. Also, there are platforms that allow you to share your budget across multiple campaigns so you can spend wisely and in the manner you are most comfortable with.

  1. Social Sharing could be a huge help

Remember, search is not the only option. If you know your target audience well, social media can be a better way to get beyond the keyword. Social networks are the best way to reach your target audience in a meaningful way. You can boost your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. It not only boosts your content, but helps you to gain any number of different engagement stats and reach beyond your original audience. The possibility of virality is very high and return on investment can go to really high levels.

  1. Amazing Testing Channel

Do not take PPC as a source of increasing your target audience. Give it some time and with proper planning you can come up with a sound advertising strategy that helps you leverage the impressions, clicks, and potential conversions as more than just a glorified bull horn. These analysis  can actually help you in making difficult decisions in future.


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