Role of Online Reputation Management Services in Making or Breaking your Brand Image

Since a long time, there have been a lot of misconceptions regarding Online Reputation Management (ORM Services). Many believe it is nothing but social media monitoring, yet others think it is related to public relations and there is a bunch who is totally clueless about it.

Online Reputation Campaigns are carried in Virginia by various brands for building their brand image and reaping the benefits of it in future. Being in ORM services for a long time, here is a guide to ORM.

You Have Been Talked About

Gone are the days when there was a one way communication between the companies and the customer. Today’s customer is the engaging one. No matter what is the size of your company, they are talking about you. They are leaving a comment on your blog, tweeting about your latest product, posting a Facebook update about their experience and so on.

A bitter truth. You cannot skip this.

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Now what do we mean by transparency?

  • Establish 1-to-1 communication channel.
  • Feedback is important. Ask for it.
  • Allow your employees to talk about your company and product.
  • Address the criticism publicly rather than hiding from it.

I know. Easier said than done. But you cannot afford to make these mistakes:

  • Reacting Aggressively : If someone has posted a negative comment, please do not argue rather apologise politely and try to fix it. An apology can go a long way. It shows you care.
  • Not Paying Attention : Whatever is posted online stays forever and negative comments can spread like fire, especially online. So do not think, people will forget about it, they won’t. You need to do damage control rather than not paying attention altogether.
  • Reacting Unnecessarily : There are two types of reactions : a reaction that is not necessary and the reaction which is too late. So judge the situation and react at the right moment.

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Having said this, here are 10 things you need to keep in mind while managing your online reputation:

  1. Try to gain respect: Try to gain trust by becoming their friend. Making people respect you is most important.
  1. Be transparent: Be transparent in your policies and products. Don’t try to hide and raise negative sentiment against your business.
  1. Monitor people’s reaction: This is important not only to decrease negative sentiment but also to gain more customers.
  1. Polite and quick reaction is the key: A swift and prompt reply apologising for the inconvenience and that you are already trying to address the problem is better than a late reply.
  1. Address critical reviews on priority: A “Thank You” can still wait but a “Sorry” has to be immediate to stop the negative sentiment to prevail.
  1. Your Google page is your business card: In digital world, people do judge many books by their cover. If the words “rip off” and “scam off” are associated with your brand, it is a call for immediate action.
  1. Understand the haters: Understand your audience and try to come up with a better message in future.
  1. Identify and eliminate Illegitimate attackers: This is important to prevent anybody from tarnishing your image.
  1. Learn from past mistakes: Anything done once can be a mistake but repeat it for the second time and you are a fool. Try to improve and take lessons.

Ask for help: If you think you would not be able to handle this yourself, take help from professional. There are many companies in Virginia providing ORM services.


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